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Does your school already have an OSSP page at this site? Do you? Check to make sure by clicking on the "School Sites" menu option above. If you would like to have a page, contact the site's webmaster ( ) and he'll set one up for you. In the meantime, go ahead and register so that once Mel confirms you as an OSSP participant, you'll be good to go.

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To allow you to update your school pages and create a picture gallery, all currently OSSP participating teachers who have previously registered at the site need to make sure that their login information includes the information for the school they teach in. Logging in with your existing logging information will take you to a form that will allow you to update your school district/school information so that you can access your own pages properly.

If you registered during the summer of 2011, you will need to start fresh as a new registrant since the site has changed its content management system.

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