Link: Connetquot State Park and Preserve January20.docx

Ronkonkoma Middle School, Ms. MacNeil
Connetquot River: Healthy or Not?​

During the months of January and February students in Mrs. MacNeil's sixth grade science classes attended the beautiful Connetquot State Park and Prevserve where they were determined to discover the health condition of the river that is part of their very own community! After first studying how a healthy river works within the classroom, students went out in the field where they collected water samples and an assortment of macro invertebrate (aquatic bugs!) which they took back to the ourdoor learning lab for further investigation. Once in the lab, students collected macro invertebrates from their water samples and then observed them on the micro projector. Students classified and then tallied the number of organisms found to be used later as bioindicators. (The presence or absence of these organisms in a fresh water sample provides information about the health of a fresh water resource.) Afterward, several water quality tests were conducted by students who then recorded their findings for future analysis as well. After the final class attended the park and collected their data, the information was shared by the entire team and used to determine the general health of the Connetquot River.​