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On April 22nd the sixth grade Hampton Bays School District participated in its first annual beach clean up with their targeted stewardship property. We collected an estimated 4,000 lbs of garbage ranging from hundreds of shot gun shells to large dock pieces and plastics. Over twenty kids showed up ready to work at 9:00am on a rainy Saturday. This proves to me there is a need and a want for these sort of programs. The motivation is already there!

Students were pre taught about their physical impact and how it could be negative if they were not careful. Students gave a wide berth to the resident swan and osprey as well as carefully removing debris from pre selected sensitive areas.

Students are very excited about upcoming events. On schedule we have inventoried some basic science materials. Personally, I donated a seine net, two collecting dip nets, observation basins and collection buckets. We are still in need of field manuals, GPS, waders, binoculars, digital camera, soil sifters, measuring tap, and meter sticks to name a few.

As always you are all invited to keep in contact and visit the site at any time.


Rick Nydegger

Hampton Bays Union Free School District

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